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Michele Davis

Why a guided private tour? You will be transported in a comfortable Lincoln SUV with plenty of legroom and excellent viewing windows. Your driver/guide “that me” is a passionate local with knowledge of all the major attractions and off the beaten track hidden gems. You get to tour at your own pace and can alter the schedule/itinerary as you go.
Compare guided tour prices with other companies, you will find that the value is immeasurable. Your tour with me will be memorable – I guarantee it!

Understand the pricing:
Guided tour prices are a flat rate for groups 1 – 6 people for Transportation & Guide
Additional costs for some tours will be per/person for tastings fees/ Admission for attractions

Experience BC Tours in a Special way

This is a 5-6 hour tour starting at $525 and an option to add Paddle boarding (great for teens)

Have you ever fed a real peacock? Or seen a sleeping giant? Ever visited a real castle or see a real house floating on the Ocean? This is a fun filled tour for the little ones to burn off their energy, laugh and giggle

This is a 5-6 hour tour starting at $525 with an option to add a visit to Butchart Gardens.

Shopping and Wine – doesn’t get better than this for a fun day. Visit 2 charming shopping districts and enjoy wine, cider or spirit tastings at the local award-winning craft makers and vineyards.

This is a 4–5-hour tour starting at $420 with an option to add Shopping in Sidney or Scenic Ocean drive.

Visit the famous Butchart Gardens then indulge your tastebuds with local handcrafted wine and spirits while exploring the country roads and farms.

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