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Self Guided Audio Tours are a great way to tour Victoria at your own pace on your own Schedule. The Voicemap App uses your Geolocation to move the tour along. You can pause the tour anytime to shop or take in some lunch and use your camera to capture the awesome locations you will visit. It’s FUN, EASY and AFFORDABLE.


This Tour will cover all the major attractions of the City Center in more of a highlighted format. It covers all the same locations as the Historical Walking tour of Victoria but without the robust historical detail. Perfect for the person who likes some fun but general details. I’ll share fun facts of our city and stories of the people who shaped our Victoria. I will suggest shops and eateries along the way. You can do the tour in 60 minutes or stretch it over for a full day of exploring and experiencing the best of what Victoria has to offer.



  • BC Legislative Building
  • Thunderbird Park
  • Empress Hotel
  • Victoria’s Inner Harbour
  • Fort Victoria / Bastion Square
  • Waddington Alley
  • Old towne Victoria – Lower Johnson Street
  • Market Square
  • Fan Tan Alley
  • Canada’s oldest China Town
  • Historical Pubs andShops: including: Irish Times / Bard and Banker / Rogers Chocolate Shop / Munro’s Books / Murchie’s Tea / Old Morris Tobacconist and more.


Victoria City Highlights Tour


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