Awe Glorious Breakfast! There is definitely no shortage to great Breakfast spots in Victoria. My advise would depend on how hungry you will be and how long will you be willing to wait for something completely yummy and satisfying. Some of the best spots in town will require you to be “in que” for a table.  Some spots have outdoor patios open year round so if that suits you just layer up so your prepared. Sometimes standing in the que can be a cultural experience, strike up a conversation with a stranger or take the time to quietly catch up with the local newspaper.

Here are my top picks for Breakfast in Victoria:

Victoria Breakfast
Blue Fox
919 Fort Street, Victoria, BC
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Jam Cafe
542 Herald Street, Victoria, BC
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Bubby’s Kitchen
355 Cook Street, Victoria, BC
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The Village Restaurant
2518 Estevan Avenue, Victoria, BC
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John’s Place 723 Pandora Avenue, Victoria, BC
Floyd’s Diner 866 Yates Street, Victoria, BC
Willie Bakery 537 Johnson Street, Victoria, BC
Mo:Le 544 Pandora Avenue, Victoria, BC