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“Get out of Town” The Cowichan Way!

Some businesses have great perks but the Tourism industry simply has the best Perks going!! Offers to experience an activity or tour come our way often so when Cathy Mailhot, Marketing Coordinator for  Tourism Cowichan offered a full day experience to get out of Town  and be a tourist in their part of the island I jumped – with both feet! I love being a tourist!

Cowichan-Valley-That-Girl-in-Victoria-Michele-Davis (14)

One of the many beautiful views at Blue Grouse vineyard, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island

Cowichan Valley is a region north of Victoria, BC with several communities including Shawnigan Lake, Duncan, Cowichan Bay, Chemainus and other small villages. It is the epitome of a quaint, summery countryside and oceanside dream. Ideal for quality vacation time for people of all ages and interests.

Cowichan-Valley-Lavender-Farm&Labyrinth-Cowichan-Valley-That-Girl-in-Victoria-Michele-Davis (9)

Owners, Julia and Christopher of Cowichan Valley Lavender Farm & Labyrinth

Named by the First Nations People meaning “The Warm Land”, it is Canada’s only maritime “Mediterranean climate” providing excellent growing conditions and so perfect for farming,  harvesting special crops such as lavender & Tea (first in Canada) and supports  a strong and growing “Slow Food” community.

Tea-Farm-Cowichan-Valley-That-Girl-in-Victoria-Michele-Davis (3)

Co-Owner of Tea Farm, Margit pours tea from one of her beautiful, hand crafted tea pots

Blue-Grouse-Estate-Winery-Cowichan-Valley-That-Girl-in-Victoria-Michele-Davis (12)

Stunning Views of the Blue Grouse Vineyards from their new building

The warm climate is ideal for growing a variety of grapes and berries and so naturally there are vineyards producing Wine, Cider, Vodkas, Ports and Brandy and these vineyards openly invite you for tasting, beautiful views and sometimes lunch.

Cowichan-Bay-That-Girl-in-Victoria-Michele-Davis (7)

Peaceful view at Cowichan Bay

The lakes and beaches are pristine and the quaint towns and villages dotted throughout have their own unique experience. Here you can swim, boat, Kayak, fish; all the best of summertime fun.

G.B.S.-Glass-Blowing-Cowichan-Valley-That-Girl-in-Victoria-Michele-Davis (6)

GBS Glass Blowing Shop, Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island

To really experience Cowichan you must get off the Highway and explore the back roads. It’s a journey of discovery and meeting the local Artists, Farmers, Vineyards and Restaurateurs. They beckon you to come in and explore their world and are passionate about what they do.

Cowichan-Valley-Lavender-Farm&Labyrinth-Cowichan-Valley-That-Girl-in-Victoria-Michele-Davis (11)

Julia of Cowichan Valley Lavender farm prepares treats for her guests – all of course with the essence of Lavender – Delicious

To visit all of Cowichan in one day is not possible, if you have the time to spend a few days you are lucky but if time is limited I recommend to hire a Professional guide, one who knows the area well and can make the most of your leisure time.

Cheers-Wine-Tours-Cowichan-Valley-That-Girl-in-Victoria-Michele-Davis (1)

Tour bus – Cheers Cowichan Tours

Susan Quackenbush, owner and operator of Cheers Cowichan Tours provided the means of transport and her company offers a variety of enticing tours to ensure you experience the best of the Cowichan Valley.

Blue-Grouse-Estate-Winery-Cowichan-Valley-VGSN-That-Girl-in-Victoria-Michele-Davis (10)

VGSN Concierge group salutes Cowichan Valley businesses for the invitation to explore their beautiful part of our island.

Being a tourist is the best “job” in the world! Thank you to all the people who opened their doors to us. We, VGSN – a concierge networking group, loved every minute of our tour and we all agreed, we would recommend a “Get out of Town” experience – The Cowichan Way.
Tourism Cowichan
Cheers Cowichan Tours
GBS Glass Blowing
Cowichan Valley Lavender Farm & Labyrinth
Tea Farm
The Raptor Centre
In Cowichan Bay: The quaint Seaside town full of lovely shops, restaurants, and a great Maritime Center. Special thanks to: Tru Grains Bakery, Hillary’s cheese for a delicous snack and Morning Mist ice cream -Yum. Aurthor Vickers Gallery and Tour host Captain Tim from Grey Lag shuttle and Tours
Chemainus is a small town well known for its Musical Theatre and Larger than life Historical Murals but also boasts its own legal currency. Special thanks to: Maple Lane Café for hosting our lunch
A Cowichan Valley tour would not be complete without a visit to one of their many wonder Vineyards; Thank you to Blue Grouse Estate Winery and Vineyard and Enrico Winery for the tasty samplings of your best wines.


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