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Wee!! Remember when riding your bike was the highlight of your day! It was our best form of independent transportation and the opportunity to just have fun with our friends.  And I reminisce about that every time I look at the dusty old bike in my garage. The idea of riding to the market on Saturday morning is so appealing but the trek back with the extra baggage and …. That HILL! Hmmm Once again, I think not and so I drive.
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Well, my future as a peddler has just improved. I’ve recently discovered PEDEGO Victoria located on Oak Bay Avenue. Pedego bikes are regular bikes but has an added electric assist component allowing riders to tackle steeper hills and longer distances. Super cool designs and vibrant colors make a PEDEGO stand out. Karen Gibbons, the sales and marketing rep, is so informative and her enthusiasm is so infectious  it didn’t take her long to convince me to sign up for one of their one hour test rides.

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Karen Gibbons of Pedego Victoria

On Sundays you can sign up for one of two guided scenic tours around beautiful Oak bay and all along the Ocean route. This gives you the opportunity to really get a feel for the bikes. Karen encourages everyone to switch models so you can get a feel of the different styles. I Loved the Interceptor especially the “Beach Cruise” style handlebars.

This is FUN with BENEFITS!
Rediscovering the simply joys of riding a bike!! Watch this TV segment from Shaw TV.

Some people might think that an electric bike is cheating but this is definitely NOT the case, you can tailor your journey from full fitness to full comfort, it’s really up to you.  For me, I love to bike ride but hills are really a struggle and hard on my knees so to empower myself with a boost of electricity means– More Power to me!! I’m excited to be getting back on a bike and heading to market every Saturday morning… without my car! It’s like being a kid all over again, that fun freedom, The JOY to Ride.

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Tour with TIDESgroup Flavour Trail in North Saanich, British Columbia

If you enjoy the one hour venture but want more; TIDESgroup is teaming up with PEDEGO Victoria and offering full day tours. Just this past weekend we took part in the Flavours Trail Cycle Tour where Steven Duck lead a group of 18 cyclists to various Farms & Vineyards along an all-terrain route in the North Saanich Peninsula. PEDEGO Victoria is also organizing other Tours as well as Owner Meet ups, it’s a culture that is growing in Victoria – make sure you are a part of it!

Just a few tidbits: There are a variety of Styles and Endless combinations of colors. The batteries range from 30-50Km (upgraded battery: 50-90km). The price for these high quality bikes start at $2995.

Pedego Victoria is located at 2039 Oak Bay Avenue. tel: 778-432-0255
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Riding a bicycle is no longer difficult for me, the hardest part now is choosing a color!

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Mention “That Girl in Victoria” when you sign up for a test ride and receive one of these fun Pedego watches

Take advantage of their summertime special of $250 to spend on accessories with the purchase of your Regular priced Pedego bike.

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