Cruising on a Saturday with TIDESgroup tours & Events

A new adventure for That Girl in Victoria; a 25km bike tour on the Flavours Trail & Wine Fest in the North Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island organized by  Steve Duck of TIDESgroup tours and Events.

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Tour with TIDESgroup Flavour Trail in North Saanich, British Columbia

Flavours Trail & Wine Fest is held in August and its purpose is to demonstrate the importance of Farming in our community and supporting sustainable and local living.The concept of Farm to table in Restaurants is exploding and the Flavours Trail tour is a fun way to learn the process of growing food and nurturing and transforming the product to be sold to the community.


Laura Waters of Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts

Roost Farm Bakery and Vineyard Bistro, Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts and Muse Winery were a few excellent examples of the 8 stops on TIDESgroup Bike tour this past weekend.

Pedego-Victoria-That-Girl-In-Victoria-British-Columbia (2)

Karen Gibbons of Pedego Victoria

Cycling on the island is a popular weekend sport but for many, like me, 25km would be just a little to intimidating. So what better way to overcome? PEDEGO Electric Assisted bikes. Of the 18 riders in our group, 11 of us had the boost of power just when we needed it. It made this trip so enjoyable and manageable and mostly FUN, like being a Kid all over again.

Steve and his crew were very organized starting off with a safety review and a synopsis of the day’s route. All of the stops different and interesting, oh and of course… delicious as we sampled little morsels of delectable sweets, savory sorts, wine and tea all day. A well planned support crew travelled with us to help with traffic, offer alternative transport (just in case) and best of all – carried the purchases we made at each destination. Fantastic!


Epicure was the Lunch destination with a demonstration of “sheep herding” in the field where we picnicked. Sandwiches from Roost piled high with nutritious deliciousness and a special treat from Brenda (crew member) Berry Crumble! Yum.
Although the “sheep herding” demonstration was interesting what I found more impressive was Steve’s ability to “herd the Cats” (all 18 of us). We had so much fun on the Pedego’s that is was hard to sit still for long and we were all zipping around the parking lots, little pathways whatever we could find.  He kept the group together and on schedule.


Wine tasting at Muse Winery

Beautiful scenic countryside, delicious food and wine, new found fun on a Pedego Bike with friends old and new. What better way to spend a Saturday on Vancouver Island. Thanks Steve and Pedego Victoria.

TIDESgroup-bike-tour-Flavours-trail-Vancouver-Island-That-Girl-in-VictoriaThe Island’s Destination & Event Service offers an array of travel experiences around Vancouver Island and Outbound global tours. The culinary, cultural and community events organized by Steve and his team focus on Local food, talent and charities.

My experience with TIDESgroup was excellent and I would highly recommend booking a tour with Steve and his crew. Visit the website for more details or call 250-999-2997


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