The Hanging Baskets in Victoria mark the beginning of summer

Hanging Baskets in Victoria mark the start of Summer in Victoria, BC

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Hanging Baskets in Victoria are hung on the old lampposts all around the city.

The City of Victoria, BC, also known as “Garden City”, decorates its charming downtown core with hundreds of Hanging Baskets.  These recognizable trademarks not only beautiful the city but guide tourists through the streets and shops they are likely to find most interesting.

History of Victoria’s Iconic Hanging Baskets in Victoria

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Archive photo from City of Victoria

Since 1937, June marks the official beginning of summer and is celebrated by the placement of the enormous baskets on each of the old gas lamp posts.

The City of Victoria at the time wanted to improve the beauty of the downtown area and implemented the practice of hanging Flower baskets based on a few European cities.  The plants used in Europe did not perform well in Victoria’s climate and it took a few attempts before the gardeners mastered the right combination.  Ultimately choosing the right variety of plants for their vigour, period of bloom, maintenance requirements and resistance of disease and insects. The baskets have varied only slightly since the 1960’s.

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Blooming Hanging Baskets – how do they grow?

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Full grown baskets can weigh over 20 kilograms

Every year 6 gardeners create the 1600 hanging baskets at the Beacon Hill Nursery, located in the southeast corner of Beacon Hill Park. In the first week of May, the process begins and takes approximately 4 weeks.

Once the baskets are made, they remain in the greenhouses for one week before being moved outside to acclimatize to the weather conditions. During the second week in June, the baskets go out to be hung on the city’s signature lampposts. This is an exciting time for residents and during the “hanging day,” Instagram and Facebook are on fire!

Park staff water the hanging baskets every evening while the city sleeps. Transport trucks carrying 2250 litres of water stop at each basket with a hand-held wand. The soil is sampled weekly for moisture, PH and Feed Nutrients as needed.

By the end of the summer, they are impressively enormous beauties and can weigh over 20 kilograms / 45 pounds.

When you book a Charming Downtown Shopping Tour you will enjoy the beauty that these baskets bring to the area.

How to make your own Victorian Hanging Basket

Make your own hanging basket

The city of Victoria, British Columbia offers a free brochure to make your own Victorian flower Basket.


In Victoria Shop at the Local Garden centers for all your gardening needs. Here are a few of my favourite shops

Demitasse Cafe and Garden Centre is a family owned and operated, quaint little shop, tucked in the beautiful neighbourhood of Oak Bay. Head to Demitasse for plants and stay for lunch, oh and pick up dinner while you’re at it! I love this place.

Dig This Located in Broadmead Village Shopping Centre and a location in Sidney, bc as well. They have a fantastic array of gardening tools, giftware, outdoor furniture and all the accessories to go with.  This is an excellent shop for gifts and my go-to for my circle of Garden Enthusiast.

Garden Works in the farming area of Blenkinsop. Oodles of plant species, fertilizers, garden tools and Outdoor home decor. They are super community minded and all their staff are extremely helpful and Knowledgeable.


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