“Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone it’s our little Victoria secret.”…That’s what the locals will tell you about De’Lish. It’s a tiny little café with a quaint European like atmosphere.
De'lish-Restaurants-Catering-That-Girl-in-Victoria (4)Upon entering you will be gobsmacked buy the array of sumptuous tasty delights beautifully displayed in the cabinets. It’s hard to know what to choose from all the fresh Salads, Sandwiches, Tarts and Pastries. Often I will order something for lunch and then head to the “Take Home Dinner” Fridge!
De'lish-Restaurants-Catering-That-Girl-in-Victoria (1)Owner, Mark Davies recipes are simply scrumptious and beautifully presented.
De'lish-Restaurants-Catering-That-Girl-in-Victoria (7)The indoor seating is small and charming, or you might enjoy lunch on the heated patio. On busy days, such as Mother’s day, it is not unusual to see groups enjoying lunch – picnic style on the front lawn. De’Lish is my go to place for out of town visitors when we are exploring OakBay, or Abkhazi Gardens or taking a Scenic Sunday Drive along Beach Avenue or visiting Old Blue and Red at McNeil Bay.
De’Lish also offers excellent full catering services for private parties or corporate events .

Hours 8:00 am to 5:00pm
De’Lish Website
677 St. Patrick Street
Oak Bay, Victoria, British Columbia
V8S 4X4