Time to Hit the (Comic) Books

It’s that time of year again…

With back to school just around the corner, parents and students alike are full of anticipation. Parents are excited that their children will be once again learning something other than how many Netflix shows they can binge watch in a day, while children are antsy about actually having to pick up a book again.

Thinking back to my younger days as a student, I recall chapter books and novels being a bit of a struggle, by far my least favourite part of school. Comic books, on the other hand, were a whole different story. For me, comics made reading a lot easier, less stressful, and way more fun.

The characters seemed to come alive from the pages and ignited my imagination. The experts agree too! In a recent article featured in Today’s Parents entitled “Reluctant Readers: How Comic Books Can Help” professionals agree that “visual storytelling allows kids to read above their literacy level” and pique a child’s interest in reading.

It’s no surprise that both adults and kids are getting excited about the Victoria Comic Book Expo happening August 27 at the Comfort Inn & Conference Centre (3020 Blanshard Street) from 11am to 4pm.

Can’t make it? Don’t worry, the Comic Book Expo isn’t the only place to get your fix, there are some great Comic book stores right here in Victoria for the avid or even the not so avid reader.

I stopped by Curious Comics main location at Broad and Johnson Street to talk with the owner.

This comic book and pop culture speciality shop is a local favourite. The fun doesn’t end with its extensive collection of comic books as Curios Comics also carries games, toys lunch boxes (I had to peel myself away from leaving with a Wonder Woman one), backpacks, and vintage collectables too. Every Comic book fan has a favourite character, and I guarantee they can find them here.

Victoria Comic Books

Lunch was always one of my favourite subjects

Curious Comics is something to keep in mind for all occasions for the comic crazed kid or adult. From stocking-stuffers to birthday parties, popular products range from vintage collectables to the latest craze. Some hot products of the moment include “Pop!” Vinyl characters, while vintage collectables include beanie babies and a whole lot more.

victoria comic books

“Pop!” Vinyl Characters

Victoria Comic books

Vintage Collectables

I was hooked on Archie comics as a child. While the comic books didn’t deal with juicy topics such as affairs and murder like their TV counterpart, Riverdale, they never lacked in entertainment. Although Archie first appeared in print in 1941, it, like so many other classic series, is still going strong today.

Victoria comic books

Modern Archie Comics

Some of these classic titles that would have caught my twelve-year-old eye include Spider Gwen, Squirrel Girl, Ms Marvel and Moon Girl.

Victoria Comic Books

Some other popular series:

  • Saga: the most popular series for non-comic nerds.
  • Fable: Extremely popular with teens, this comic is set in the modern-day with twists on classic fairytale characters. If you like the television series “Once Upon a Time”, you will love these books.
  • The Walking Dead: Ever heard of it? Who hasn’t! The original graphic novels are quite different than the show.
  • Deadpool: We can’t forget about the everyone’s favourite antihero. Made popular by the movie portrayal by Ryan Reynolds, some of the movies scenes were shot right here in Victoria!

Owner James is proud to be 29 years in Business and invites you to visit any of his three locations: Victoria, Langford, and Nanaimo. There are hundreds of popular series comics for everyone.

Request Curious Comics on your “Charming Downtown Shopping Tour“.

Victoria Comic Books


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